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Advancing Technology for Humanity

Ever heard the phrase, “technology searching for a problem?”  Many research organizations and universities can get caught in the pursuit of technology and science for its own sake.  More often today, universities are interested in having the technology spin out into new companies that are addressing real world problems.  Part of savvy technology is making sure that technology is being used to solve real problems and helping humanity.  Most stories about engineers, like lawyers, are actually jokes–and I’ve heard a few good ones over the years.  Also, I’ve come to appreciate that working with other people is more about emotion.  I’ve learned that people work for something greater than themselves–even engineers.  We all need to feel we are making the world a better place–even in some small way.  I’ve attended many sales meetings over the years that have started with some sort of inspirational movie.  This short video from the IEEE is nicely done.