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Video IS Pervasive!

Google is the number one search engine. They bought YouTube in 2006. Today, YouTube is the #2 search engine. How did we go from searching on text to searching on video? It was a pretty simple leap from text to searching on images ( to searching on videos ( or just go to and search. Might I suggest the search term “Business Accelerants”?

Videos are used for much more than commercials, infomercials, and entertainment. Today’s augmented and virtual reality is video based. Our phones are more than just audio as they were over a decade ago. While some may be nostalgic for a flip phone, it will come with a video screen and a camera.

Many experts will tell us that we are “wired” for storytelling, that we remember better when any point we want to make is embedded in a story. Our memories are also wired for video as evidenced by the vivid images in our brains while we sleep and dream.

An image can influence us in as little as 1/4 of a second. With many video systems, we look at 30 frames per second. So, in less than 7 frames we can be influenced. How many times have you been presented with a video to review before you can get to what you really wanted to see. You’ve seen the words such as, “you can skip this ad in X seconds.” 3-5 seconds and you’re ready to go on, but you’ve already been influenced by what you’ve seen.

Obviously, vision is and has been critical to the survival of humans. We teach our children to look both ways before crossing a street. Apparently many teens and adults that are focused on the visuals of their smartphones have forgotten this important security check.

Do you see what I see? Visuals, especially moving visuals, are superlative in educating, training, influencing, and evoking emotions. It’s awfully easy now to use video when the camera you need and the software processing is in your pocket and at your fingertips with your smartphone.

70 Second Highlights of an interview with Tim Park of Indie Cinema Academy.




The full interview with Tim Park of Indie Cinema Academy.