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Don’t Be So Formal. Let’s Be Social.

Formals are still an event that happens at a high school. Everyone gets dressed up and gathers for a dance. All are nervous. On the other hand, one can attend a social. Things are more casual and relaxed-much less jitters to contend with. Formal media (juried reference sources, newspapers with tough editors, radio/television advertising) have given way to social media which is, well, much less formal. Businesses can benefit from being more casual and making good use of social media, but they need to work at it to get it right and must monitor it as closely as they do their financial reports. Financial reports measure the past. Sales, conversion rates, and vanity metrics measure the future. I interviewed Alexandra Duany Saavedra of SAAV Media to gain some insights on social media. Choose some highlights only or the full interview below.

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