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The Porsche 987 Approach to Strategy

You might wonder what a sleek, German sports car can have to do with strategy for any business, let alone yours. It should not come as a surprise that a German company has a long-range strategy—it’s called Strategy 2025. It’s all about value, growth, uniqueness, return, innovation, sustainability, customers, employees, and suppliers. All of that in a single picture. . . .

9, 8, and 7 also have some interesting connections to strategy. Kepner and Tregoe published a small book called Top Management Strategy: What It Is & How to Make It Work almost 40 years ago. They talked about 9 Strategic Areas for companies, but, only one can be the Driving Force propelling and accelerating the company forward. More recently, an analysis of over 34,000 companies by The Value Builder System™ has provided background for the 8 Value Drivers for a company. It’s important to know the value of a company for selling, for borrowing money for expansion, for taking on new investors, for family members exiting the company.

Accelerating Start to Finish: Align 7 Forces for Business Success is my new book and where the 7 for strategy comes in. The 7 forces affect every business, every day.

  1. Sales & Marketing Channels
  2. Supply Chain and Outsourcing
  3. Competition
  4. Risk of Disruption
  5. Market Constraints and Government
  6. Internal People, Products, and Processes
  7. Technology

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