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“Technology is inescapable.”

“Technology is inescapable” is the lead sentence today in a Wall Street Journal article about the upcoming All Things Digital conference this week. Shira Ovide and Evelyn M Rusli talk about the speakers and the viewpoints they will bring.  Certainly, technology is nearly everywhere.  I’m sure there must be some place where it is not.  Yet, in medical, including psychology, it is in records retention, scheduling, music in the background, lighting and possibly even a high tech chair to lay down on, rather than a couch.  In restaurants, it is in the security system, the reservation system, music, temperature controls for the refrigerator, lighting, and even the microwave.  For a band, it is in the amplifiers, microphones, vibration pickups, mixers, and lighting.  Even in remote villages in Africa, it is in the works of non-profits that monitor water usage and cleanliness, the medicines that are delivered and, maybe, the computer with a hand generator and rechargeable battery.  Perhaps, a Buddhist or Benedictine monk in a retreat, sealed off from the world and focused on another world, has found a way to escape technology.  They might hope to deal with technology by escaping.  But a few people have told me, “Hope is not a plan.”  So, if you are among the billions of people that need to deal with technology daily, then, include technology in your planning so that Technology Is Manageable™