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Forces of Nature Causing Disruption of Daily Business

How many times have you made a plan that you would say required perfect execution, like a baseball home run hit out of the park?  How many times did that happen?  There are so many things that can disrupt your business.  Your plan needs to consider these possibilities.

Are you ready for the weather?  Every business has to deal with disruption from snow and ice—if not directly, then because of their supply base.  Schools close in bad weather and employees have to deal with their children.  Do you have plans in place for when equipment breaks down?  What about a driver or other employee that calls in sick or has some other emergency?  Do you know what you will do if someone sues you?  There are so many ways that our attention can be taken away from the primary goal of delivering a product or service to customers.  These disruptions are like forces of nature — human or otherwise.