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Serviceable or Planned Obsolescence?

Make it last forever. Have it fail just after the warranty expires. Make it serviceable or plan for obsolescence. What is your strategy for dealing with the inevitable customer that is having problems or is not satisfied?

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Future Trucks Need Future Technicians

Each day I am confronted by technology that is difficult to use.  My wife and I recall a Peanuts cartoon from years ago where Snoopy is kicking the side of a computer giving it a “boot.”  I had to do that today when the Pandora subscription on an iPod Touch was not working correctly.  Seems […]

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Garbage In — Garbage Out — We Need Good Input from Service Technicians

The work is never done until the “paperwork” is done.  Today, that paperwork is, more often than not, some information put into the computer for others to analyze.  Unfortunately, getting good information into the computer is difficult.  The service technician may not remember everything he did over the 1-10 hours that the repair took.  His […]

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