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LEASE—Let Efficiency Atrophy So Ego Is Appeased

Work together, but stay at home or on the road. Just putting people together in an office is not going to make them work together.

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Skip This Ad In 5 Sec

I find myself anxiously waiting for the popup ads on a website to allow me to skip to the information I really want. Five seconds seems like an eternity to me at that point. I also am willing to pay for commercial free versions of apps for my iPhone. I don’t want to be trying to concentrate on a 30 point word in just the right place in Words with Friends and be distracted by some flashing image for a product I’ve already purchased and no longer need. I also am willing to pay for

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Go Ahead and Stereotype People

Demographers, using broad brush strokes, are painting pictures of different generations that are, basically, stereotypes. That can lead to prejudice. Further, it does not account for the immigrant nature of our country or how to deal with people globally. We are all individuals. Learn about the 7 Elements of Culture for Business and seek to know the individual.

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ASK—Always Seek Knowledge™

We were all mislead by pollsters in 2016 (US election and English Brexit). There’s something terribly wrong with who is being asked and how they are being asked. Yet, I remain a firm believer in asking people what they think about a variety of things. If you don’t ask something of someone, you’ll be relying on only your own intuition. Here are some thoughts on questioning people.

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Fire in the Hole!!!

That’s a warning in mining that an explosion is about to occur.  It came to mind last week while I was doing some research on fuel economy.  At the same time, my son reminded me of a short saying attributed to Sam Parker in his “212 Book.” “At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 […]

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Garbage In — Garbage Out — We Need Good Input from Service Technicians

The work is never done until the “paperwork” is done.  Today, that paperwork is, more often than not, some information put into the computer for others to analyze.  Unfortunately, getting good information into the computer is difficult.  The service technician may not remember everything he did over the 1-10 hours that the repair took.  His […]

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