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Really? Reality?

The pessimists I know all proclaim, “I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist!” Really? If perception is reality, then they must be right. . . . The Oregon Story Board is a non-profit at the forefront of training students to be able to use the HoloLens for educational purposes.

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Life — Mechatronics Enabled

Human in the driver seat? Robot in the driver seat? No one in the driver seat?

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Keep that Alternator Turning as you Slow Down the Vehicle

Something to watch for in the coming years is the health of the starting/charging system and the charge on the batteries.  About a decade ago, as emissions legislation came into play and engines were being changed, they slowed down the revs of the engine and improved the low speed torque capability.  We went from high […]

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Could We Convert to 24 Volts DC in North America? Should We?

Any of the suppliers of starters, alternators and batteries knows that I wanted to offer 24 volts as a production option before I retired.  In case you think I missed that, don’t.  I was telling people at TMC a couple of weeks ago that in trucking you don’t retire — you retread.  I may not […]

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