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Achieving results long-term and short-term is what it’s all about. Read the testimonials of clients Business Accelerants Powered by Tech-I-M has helped.

Energized to Move Forward

Thank you so much for presenting at the December 7th Family Business 360 event in Tigard. I spoke with several attendees after the event and they were energized to move forward and work on their board situation.

Roger Anderson, Project Manager, Austin Family Business Program

Matrix of Different Levels of Advisors Is Helpful

Thank you for the presentation on advisory boards. I really like the pyramid slides, and the matrix of different levels of advisors is very helpful.

Andy Tobin, General Manager, Thermal Modification Technologies

Valuable Use of Time

Tech-I-M’s seminars are a valuable use of time for any business owner. You will walk away with practical advice to implement that same day. Paul has fostered a collaborative setting that will leave you feeling inspired and equipped.

Charlotte Hodde, Attorney at Barran Liebman LLP

Focus on High Value Growth Opportunities

Paul’s seminars are both interesting and useful. His experience and insight help point the way towards focusing your business on high value growth opportunities.

Jeff Cogen, Executive Director, Impact Northwest, May 2017

Recommend to Anyone Serious About Moving Their Career or Business Forward

Paul’s workshop was informative and he presented the information in a fun and dynamic way. He not only presented the material in a way that was easy to understand, he also engaged each member of of the group individually in the process. I truly enjoyed the workshop and I would recommend it to anyone serious about moving their career or business forward in a positive and purposeful way.

Doug Geier, President, Cascade Laser Corporation, June 2017

Great Presentation and Communication Skills

Paul is my mentor and helping running my business. Recently, I attended his seminar “Don’t Let Others Force You: Accelerate Your Own Plan of Attack”. It was a valuable time for me, without external disturbances, to create core values and goals for my company.
Paul’s great presentation and communication skills are solid foundation for any steps he wants to take. I wish his consulting business grow for many years.
Paul is also a generous person. He stepped outside of comfort zone to attend my Charter school’s fundraising event and supported global education concept.

Olga Cherevatenko, Owner Smartfit Training

Different Perspectives—Target in Focus

“Paul is an expert in the field of commercial vehicles engineering and has provided a great contribution in the deep-drill analysis on a technical investigation. I would like to especially highlight Paul’s ability to take different perspectives while keeping the target in focus. Providing options for changing circumstances has helped up to remain flexible throughout the process.”

Sven Neeser, Director Of Engineering BU Commercial Vehicles, November 2016

Dynamic Presentation—Perfect Recipe

You ran a touchdown and kicked a field goal. Thank you for a dynamic presentation at sunrise! Everyone was engaged, fully present, comfortable and rewarded. Some took notes, too. You had the perfect recipe of stats, research, personal examples, using audience input, including their names, etc. You were professional, clearly an expert, with the exact dash of humor mixed in. Really nice with your cards—not Power Point. Worked out great! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Raynette Yoshida, Board Member, Institute of Management Accountants Portland, October 2016

Step Back, Scrutinize Business from the Macro Level

“As the CEO of a small business, it’s far to easy to find myself working in the business rather than on the business.  That’s why I look for tools like the 7 Forces Analysis™ from Tech-I-M Business Accelerants™; a straightforward but immensely powerful and important tool that allows me to step back from time to time and scrutinize my own business from the macro level.  I use it periodically throughout the year to make sure that my plan(s) still make sense and that my executive team and board members are all aligned on the key forces exerting themselves against our business.”

Mark Menig, CEO at TrueSample, October 2016

Distills Complex Business Issues to Actionable Game Plans

Paul provided us with excellent advice on how to push our company forward and reach critical-mass to fuel organic growth. We’re very impressed with Paul’s ability to distill complex business issues down to actionable game plans and are excited to work with him in the future.

Mark Yuan, CTO at June 2016

Catalyst Towards Growth

I worked with Paul over the past year through consulting work for our company, as well as the past several years in his role as chairman of the SAE Truck and Bus Electrical Committee. Paul has demonstrated a very deep knowledge of the Trucking Industry including not just the technical developments but also the companies involved and the business/regulatory conditions affecting the industry. He stays very well connected through a number of industry groups, and is eager to share his knowledge. He was able to take his vast technical knowledge and bring it to a level that we could digest and start to use to shape our future direction. Paul has a very straightforward style with complex issues, and has the ability to link the technical issues to the business issues, which can be a key catalyst towards growth (or impediment if not addressed).
In his role as SAE committee chairman, Paul had great command of a very diverse group of individuals from different companies. He stayed objective, and kept discussions from going into the weeds and his leadership will be missed.
No hesitation in recommending Paul for anyone interested in growing their business

Dave Lajueness, Director of Engineering at Phillips Industries

Gets to Core Issues Quickly

Paul Menig plans, prepares and executes with intensity and is no non-sense. He gets to the core of the issue quickly, is not gimmicky, and provides realistic, measurable, achievable strategies specific to your organization. He listens thoughtfully and articulates clearly. I recommend Paul Menig for the most difficult scenarios. What differentiates Paul is his style, not cookie-cutter, no hype, he is real and he cares about delivering the best solutions for the best outcome.

Raynette Yoshida, Board Member Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce and Mario's, Executive & Personal Assistant/Office Manager

Helpful in Driving Growth

Zonar’s business in the commercial trucking space has been increasing, and Paul’s industry knowledge and expertise was helpful in driving growth in that space.

Michael King, Legal and Patent Counsel at Zonar Systems

Unique Skill in Applying Technical Expertise to Practical Business Improvement

In working with Tech-I-M the last 3 years, I have found that Paul’s industry knowledge and contacts are excellent, and he has provided our team with valuable guidance in developing and improving our long term business plan. My experience with consultants has been that many of them simply take your own ideas and repackage them. We got none of that with Paul. Instead, he has a unique skill in applying his technical expertise to practical business improvement.

Christopher Morris, Director Commercial Vehicles CBU, Delphi Automotive

Builds Businesses and Creates Jobs

According to an independent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Tech-I-M’s part-time volunteer work through the SCORE organization has successfully created 17 new businesses and 123 jobs in just the last 3 years. That puts Tech-I-M into the top 10% of the roughly 10,000 volunteers nation-wide. Update April 2017—through 2016, 19 new business and 159 jobs are reported to have been created putting Tech-I-M into the top 6% of volunteers nationally and recognizing Tech-I-M as a “city planner.”

PriceWaterhouseCoopers independent survey of SCORE clients nationwide

Wonderful keynote…presentation was timely and on target

Thank you for your wonderful keynote presentation at the Advanced Manufacturing Summit in Fresno, California on May 7, 2015. We received an overwhelmingly great response from attendees regarding your presentation. Your presentation was timely and on target to help our manufacturing summit attendees visualize how much progress has been made in this industry.   The practical concepts and tools shared were insightful and can be applied professionally. We appreciated your candor and I highly recommend you for future speaking engagements.

Karmjot Grewal, Program Manager for Office of Community & Economic Development at California State University, Fresno

Unique Insights into the Future for your Company

Are you looking to improve your strategic and business planning or maybe looking for unique insights into the future for your company? Paul’s experience and skill set will be a great asset no matter what your company size, start-up to well established. His perspectives and mentoring have proved to be a great help to me and our company as we plan for the road ahead.

Aaron Huber, Market Segment Manager -- On-Highway at Orscheln Products LLC

Pragmatic and Real World

I have worked with Paul Menig for three years on a National Academy of Sciences Committee and most recently Paul led a team at the North American Council for Freight Efficiency on HD tractor electronic transmissions. He is a talented engineer with experience in many aspects and products and systems of commercial trucking. Paul is excited about what new technologies can do to help truckers and all of us for that matter simplify and improve our work, while recognizing the challenges with each. He is a technical leader who is pragmatic and real world in all he does. I enjoy working with Paul and expect great ideas from him every time we talk.

Mike Roeth, Lead Trucking Efficiency for North American Council for Freight Efficiency and the Carbon War Room

Recommend Mr. Menig as a Speaker

Mentor Graphics invited Mr. Paul Menig to make a keynote presentation at Mentor Graphics’ U2U Automotive User conference in Detroit to about 300 of our users. Mr. Menig’s presentation was thought-provoking, informative, and very well received by the audience. His use of multimedia within his presentation was extremely effective in communicating his ideas with the audience. I would like to recommend Mr. Menig’s as a speaker due to his ample experience and insight in Commercial Truck, Mechatronics, and trends in the Transportation Industry.

Jen Chausse, Marketing Manager at Mentor Graphics

Real Passion for Understanding and Improving Businesses

I worked with Paul on the board of directors for a high growth green-technology and finance company. Paul was able to immediately jump into a complex business model, identify the core issues, take responsibility for the technology portion of the business and start driving it. His technology understanding is deep and we were delighted to rely on him. He has a real passion for understanding and improving businesses. I recommend him without reservation as a go-to guy.

Joshua Proudfoot, Principal and Owner, Good Company

Shows a remarkable talent for asking the right questions at the right moments

While serving as a board member on a startup company with Paul, I came to know that he is more than intelligent (which he is). He is also analytical on what I call a “3D” level. His understanding of a dynamic business proposition works at several levels, from the logistics that drive product development, to marketing, financial planning, shareholder issues, and strategic relationships. He shows a remarkable talent for asking the right questions at the right moments, questions that prompt others to sometimes rethink a project or how it might be implemented into the marketplace. I hope to sometime again work with Paul as his participation is a major plus to any company’s endeavors.

Butch Edison, Board Member Qualnetics, December 2014

Strategic in Analysis of Opportunities and Risks

Paul has been a very valuable contributor to Qualnetics as a board member of our company over the past two years. He has been very strategic in his analysis of our company’s opportunities and risks with suggestions for plausible paths of action for the executive team. As board members should do, he has asked the tough questions to assure the board was addressing the real issues at hand. Paul’s strong ethical standards was ever present in keeping the interests of the shareholders first and foremost in all his decision making and recommendations.

Paul Gray, COB Qualnetics, December 2014

Saved Time on Our Project

Paul has a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise which provided us with direction and saved us time on our project. I would highly recommend Paul’s services.

John Blodgett, MacKay & Co.  July 2014

Down to Earth, Focused and Meaningful Business Advice

Paul is an absolutely outstanding individual and someone I highly recommend for many reasons.

We got to know one another when he was at Daimler and I was at Fontaine Modification and I found his no nonsense, common sense approach very refreshing in the very complex world of heavy truck production and post production modifications.

Following both our departures from these two organizations, we have completed numerous brain storming sessions to help one another evaluate various business initiatives.

While Paul’s engineering aptitude is second to no one, his ability to take off his engineering hat and provide down to earth, focused and meaningful business advice has helped me tremendously.

I plan to utilize Paul’s expertise across many different types of business platforms in the future, as they come my way, because he is competent and honest!

Will Trantham, President-Fontaine Modification - The Marmon Group, Division of Berkshire Hathaway   July, 2014

Great Resource to Any Organization

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Paul for nearly 20 years, both in his current capacity with Tech-I-M as a client and during his tenure at Daimler as a vendor of his. In either role, I have always found Paul to be a person of high integrity with a very vast skill set.

In his consulting role for us at PECO/Astronics, he has done a great job of integrating his expertise into our organization and daily proves his value to us.

I highly recommend Paul and Tech-I-M as a great resource to any organization.

Stephen Scheidler, Executive Vice President at PECO - Astronics     April 4, 2014

Delivers above expectations!

Paul is a unique type of leader who has the attention to details without loosing sight of the strategic goals and morale of his group. He was managing a complex area and was always able to deliver above the expectations.  I worked with Paul as his Finance Controller and he was always open and objective in budget discussions which helped us to focus on the true business needs. Highly recommend him for any project engagement.

Vijay Gopalswamy, Manager - International Service, Training & Sales Support at Daimler Trucks North America

Business Partner Providing Strategic Guidance

Paul has been a Business Partner to me in many ways for over 20+ years. Starting when he was a competitor (at Eaton) and we worked together on several SAE standards. He was a leader on many advancements in the commercial vehicle industry, which are too many to list here.

When Paul was at DTNA I was a supplier. He always made himself available and provided constructive guidance regarding key actions and priorities (voice of customer) to me to focus our company as a supplier.

More recently Paul has been an important Service Provider to me through Tech-I-M. He has provided many hours of strategic guidance regarding future challenges and technical advancements that the commercial vehicle industry is facing. This deep knowledge is important while preparing for our future strategies.

Richard Romer, Director, Key Customer Management at Meritor WABCO

Due Diligence Completed Thoroughly and Timely

Getting reliable, knowledgeable input on both technology and business is critical to making sound decisions for venture capital investments.  Tech-I-M provided both to me in a timely fashion for an investment in trucking.  The summary report was thorough and easily understood.  Tech-I-M quickly got to the core issues related to the product, the company team, the market, the strategic marketing and business plan, and the intellectual property protection.  I look forward to using Tech-I-M in the future for business assessment and other possibilities.

Dennis Townsend, Chairman Townsend Capital LLC, April 2013

Deep Technical and Industry Knowledge

Paul has deep technical and industry knowledge that is invaluable to a design-engineering and manufacturing effort. We found him to be easy to work with and detail oriented, which enabled us to focus on our core competencies. We trust Paul to deliver consistent and reliable results that ensure our continued success.

John Arciero, President Dock 'n Lock, December 2012

Superb instincts for technology, excellent communication skills, creativity and strong leadership

In today’s engineering world, you need superb instincts for technology, excellent communication skills, creativity and strong leadership.

Paul was asked to provide a keynote address at our Midwest User’s Conference in September of 2012. I had never seen Paul present before, but while he was at Daimler Trucks North America, I always admired how he could set a course, convince a large team of engineers and upper management, to make the right decisions on technology.

Causing change from within, for the better, is not always easy. It takes honesty, trust and ingenuity. Paul has all of this, as well as a great mind for technology.

When Paul delivered the keynote address at our user conference, I had a smile on my face, throughout the entire presentation. He took myself and our users on a journey, from where technology is today and where it could or should go.

I look forward to getting there!

Chad Harnish, Account Manager at dSPACE Inc., October 2012

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

I am very pleased to offer gratitude to Tech-I-M for your consultant services and sharing your rich awareness of the commercial vehicle industry. Your insight and pulse on current trucking challenges and technology preferences has proven to be very effective, timely and most beneficial for growth strategy. Thank you, very much for the great work you did with our teams.

Randolph Williams, Global Manager, Commercial Vehicle Marketing, Planning & Business Development at Delphi Automotive PLC, June 2012

Cost Effective Win/Win Solutions

I worked with Paul in his capacity of chief engineer Mechatronics, Daimler. He responded to our various, maybe perceived, concerns within his group’s areas of responsibilities. Once, he was convinced/decided there was a issue, he would investigate, try various ideas, and offer up potential solutions. He was open to deal with… not all one sided. He will work towards cost effective win/win solutions.

Carl Tapp, Commercial Vehicle Industry Consultant and former head of maintenance at PAM Transport, April 2012

High Level of Integrity is Unquestionable

Paul was a great mentor to me in my professional career and a good friend outside the office. Paul exhibits the ability to anticipate coming trends and surrounds himself with people capable of delivering results. While a subordinate to Paul for seven years, I always felt I was treated with respect and that my opinions were thoughtfully considered. Paul’s high level of integrity is unquestionable.

Mike Pranger, Manager Daimler Trucks North America, April 2012

Technical Aptitude and Business Acumen

I had the pleasure to work with Paul for more than ten years during his tenure at Daimler Trucks North America. I strongly recommend him due to his impressive combination of technical aptitude and business acumen.

He is also fun to be around. When deadlines loomed or problems arose, tension can build and Paul always knew how to lighten the situation and keep the project on task. With his strong leadership skills, inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, Paul would be an asset to any organization.

Brian Lawrence, Senior Manager Business Development for OutBack Power Technologies, April 2012

Resolution to Complex Industry Problems

Paul is an industry leader who has used his knowledge and experience to improve our industry through various trade organizations including TMC and SAE. He has shown throughout his career that he can bring resolution to complex industry problems through his management and leadership that go beyond the walls of his own company.

It has always been a pleasure for me to work with Paul and I would highly recommend Paul for anyone who needs proven leadership and world class consulting.

Mike McGowan, OEM Sales Manager ECCO, April 2012

Understands How Technology Creates Value from a Business Perspective

I have known Paul for over 15 years, and have had the pleasure of working with him both as a strategic partner and collaborator on a number of commercial vehicle projects, as well as a number of industry standards activities with the TMC and SAE. Paul is a true technology visionary, combined with a rare ability to understand how technology creates value, what works, and what will not work, both from a technology and business perspective.

I highly recommend Paul to lead or direct any endeavor related to the strategic direction and application of next-generation electrical/electronic technologies, especially in the fields of telematics, vehicle systems and architectures, and mobile enterprise IT in the commercial vehicle industry. He is very passionate about his work, and will be a great asset to anyone that needs assistance in shaping and implementing advanced technology programs.

Jeff Waterstreet, Sales Manager, Continental Automotive Systems, April 2012

Passion for Every Project

I have known Paul Menig for almost 20 years. In that time he has been a customer/client, mentor, colleague, and friend. All of the top executives throughout the heavy truck development industry know Paul as one of the top minds in our market. Not only does he possess one of the sharpest engineering minds, but he also incorporates a business acumen that instinctively intertwines vision with unparalleled engineering creativity. His best trait is his genuine passion for every project for which he is involved. He is one of the most respected executives in this industry, and I am very proud to have known him all these years. If one is lucky enough to have Paul on their team, they will certainly reap certain exponential benefits.

Will Watson, Co-President at Emissions Tech Partners, Inc. April 2012

Promotes Cross Functional Collaboration

Paul Menig has an open, honest, personal style that promotes cross functional collaboration; which is critical in the investigation of issues and the discovery of solutions to technical challenges. Paul can be counted on to provide clear, concise direction to either problem solving or process review issues, and you can be assured that the methodology used will uncover all areas of concern. Paul’s prior experience in the transportation and electronics fields provides an extensive base of knowledge, which will insure that there is a sharp focus on solution implementation.

David Johnston, Manager, Exterior Components, Cab Engineering at Daimler Trucks North America, April 2012

Innovations are Direct Result of Efforts

Paul is an expert on electronics as it relates to the class 8 truck industry. He understands how various systems interact with each other. Paul has always been a forward thinker in this field and many of today’s innovations found in class 8 trucks are a direct resuilt of Paul’s efforts.

Bill Januszewski, Calgary Branch Manager at Advance Engineered Products Group, April 2012

Driven to Find Creative Solutions to Challenging Problems

I have worked with Paul as a supplier to his former company and I found that Paul is a customer driven engineer who often was able to find creative solutions to the most challenging problems! I believe that Paul can be a good resource to many companies serving the Heavy and Medium Duty Truck Industry.

Bradley Van Riper, Senior VP and CTO, Truck-Lite, April 2012

Leads and Inspires

I’ve known and worked with Paul in his various roles at DTNA, as well as at Eaton. Much of our contact arose out of industry organizations, including SAE and TMC, where Paul is an active contributor and organizer.

Over the past two decades Paul has consitently impressed me with his technical and business acumen, as well as his passion for the industry. His professional achievements speak for themselves, but they do not tell the whole story.

Paul Menig is one of those individuals who fosters relationships, who actively mentors younger professionals, who looks for opportunities to share his insights and experience with those around him. He does not merely manage – he leads and inspires. I have no doubt that as CEO of Tech-I-M, Paul will create tremendous value for his business partners, as he continues to build on his considerable legacy of contributions to the industry.

John Adami, Principal at NW Heavy Duty Component Sales LLC, April 2012

Expert in Commercial Vehicle Industry

I have had the pleasure to work with Paul throughout my Commercial Vehicle Career. I would highly recommend Paul to any organization looking for an expert in the Commercial Vehicle Industry.

Tim Rankin, Commercial Vehicle Market Manager, ER Wagner, April 2012

Keen Ability to Understand Customer Needs

Paul has a very deep knowledge base of Mechatronics of current and future technologies within the vehicular, medical and consumer markets. He is very customer-focused and has a keen ability to understand his customer’s needs and requirements resulting in timely and cost-effective solutions. Paul is extremely skilled at problem solving and leading a multi-disciplined team to successful solution of the problem. He is very articulate and is skilled at interacting with all levels within an organization. I would highly recommend Paul as an extremely talented individual capable of providing high level management and business consulting.

Greg Shipman, Member of the Board of Directors at Indiana Motor Truck Association, April 2012

Good Character Traits

I worked with Paul Menig while he was at Daimler Truck, and also knew him from involvement with SAE and TMC. I think highly of Paul, as he has always been energetic in activities of the TMC, and has been a key player in the success of the organization. Paul has always been helpful to me in my association with Daimler. He displays good character traits, and I would definitely recommend working with Paul.

Ron Kelderman, Sales Account Manager, Engineered Products, April 2012

Will Deliver a Production Capable Solution

I have worked both for Paul and with Paul over the past 23 years. Paul is a very capable manager and really understands the Trucking Industry – probably better than most engineering leaders.

I would trust Paul with any difficult engineering problem and know that he will deliver a production capable solution. His years of experience are sure to prove extremely valuable to any who might hire him in the future.

William Batten, Director Global Business Development and Marketing for Faurecia, April 2012

Quality Oriented Executive

Paul is a well versed Quality oriented Executive. His eye is constantly on the needs of the customer — form, fit, finish, and innovation. Paul utilizes collaboration as one of his tools for effective Leadership and performance.

Don Chapman, Director of Supply Management for Daimler / Mercedes Benz North America, April 2012

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Paul always took our comments, questions and requests seriously and provided solid results for our company. I would not hesitate hiring Paul for your next project, he will bring much to the table in the way of useful solutions.

Tom Schupbach, Owner TDS Fleet Consultation and Training and formerly Field Manager New Product Development for Ryder, February 2012