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Born Ready Anthem

I’ve spent a good deal of my career in the trucking industry, working at Eaton, Daimler Trucks (Freightliner), and consulting for a number of different companies. I just attended the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta. It’s an every other year show in the years when the IAA Commercial Vehicles show is not held. The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association held its meeting as well. Both events attracted top management from around the world. The displays of technology for everything from paint to metals to advanced electronics for radar, cameras, instrument clusters, tire pressure monitoring, and much more.

Over the years I’ve learned much about the power of marketing. I’ve coined the term LOGEMOTION. “LOG” for the logic of things. “EMO” for the emotion that triggers the ac”TION” to take. Mack Trucks did an excellent job of creating emotion for its new Anthem model truck. Here’s a link to a great song they commissioned.

Born Ready Anthem on YouTube

And, heres a picture from the weekly trade magazine, Transport topics.