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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall — Innovate

Mirrors are an important part of our everyday world.  We check out how we look while we get cleaned up in the morning. We check out how our attire looks before we leave the house.  We use the side and rear view mirrors on our cars and trucks to keep track of what others are doing.  Often, we have a spherical mirror on the car for looking at important areas close to the vehicle.  If you want to get fancy, we might have a mirror in our bathroom that enlarges our image so that we can really see what is happening with our skin and hair.  Women often carry a mirror in their purse to check out how they look.  And, to have fun, we go to the amusement park to look at ourselves in odd shaped mirrors that distort the real world.  But, is that all a mirror can do — reflect the real world or distort it?  What else can a mirror do?

For many years now, side view mirrors on cars have had small digital displays that can give simple on/off indicators, or show a few numbers.  Today, several cars have rearview mirrors with a portion of the mirror capable of showing the information from a rear view camera mounted to the back of the vehicle.  Already, high priced homes have the ability to put television displays in the large mirrors in our bathrooms.  I would fully expect the ability to do something similar in the family room.  Many people like to put a large screen television above the mantle of a fireplace.  Some take the step of hiding the TV behind a piece of art that moves out of the way, so that the room looks stylish when the TV is not being used.  Some might have a calming video playing, such as many hospitals now have in waiting rooms.  But, why not make it a large mirror that makes the room look stylish and bigger than it really is?  Then, when you want to hunker down and watch the game, it turns into a wide screen television.  Finally, let’s add the ability to control the mirror/entertainment device with our hands and eyes.  Let’s use an embedded camera to make it a two way communicator for “visits” with grandparents. Let’s make it a canvas for art as in this video from over 5 years ago.

Interactive mirror