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Inspiring a Generation—Changing the World

I have to admit that some part of the business person in me is a closet geek. After all, I went to a technical, magnet high school and to a technical college. Yet, there is a direct connection between this and the emotional trigger that causes people to take action and buy something. Watch television commercials, especially for cars and trucks. Speed, performance, and “sexiness” are what are being sold to us. While the technical people at the car companies want to create autonomous vehicles with no steering wheels or pedals, the marketers give use images of cars moving fast along winding, mountainous roads with sleek female models or handsome male models at the wheel with sly looks of satisfaction on their faces.

Now, Elon Musk does not quite conjure up the image of a model, at least not anymore. But, he does inspire people to greatness. I’m proud to say that my college’s team (MIT), which won the initial contest for the Hyper Loop design, finished in the top-3 and will get access to the Hyper Loop test track. The overall winner was the team from Delft University. The fastest was the prototype design from the Technical University at Munich. MIT’s design won the Safety and Reliability Award and third place for “overall technical sophistication of its entry.” I wonder what ever happened to the concept of “an elegant solution” that I was taught.

Here is a 3  minute video MIT put together before the competition.

I had a chance earlier this week to work with high school students by judging a DECA contest for business students. While they were mostly nervous, they were all well dressed and anxious to take on the world as they learn the skills to be successful in business. I’m also working to help build the National Transportation Center outside Indianapolis. A key focus for this effort is bringing younger people into the transportation industry in all forms of work—traffic managers, logistics, rigging, technician, pilot, driver, warehouse operations, fleet operations, and much more. I encourage everyone to do a little bit to inspire and mentor the next generation.