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Continue to delight your customers and achieve higher margins

Do customers keep asking you for year over year cost reductions? Has your product or service become a commodity without a Unique Selling Point? Do you want to sell your product to new customers, or develop new products for your existing customers?

Business Accelerants can help you anticipate what customers will want so that your investment in R&D over several years will pay off with higher profit margins on unique and valuable products. We search government regulations that will impact needs and look at technologies that are changing the landscape. We seek out bell-weather customers that lead the industry and use surveys and focus groups for the others.


  • Increase sales with less effort
  • Keep customers long term
  • Improve relationships

Increase sales by finding new products that expand your offerings to your existing customers

Typical ways we can help you understand your customer:
  • Creating and analyzing surveys
  • Running focus groups
  • Doing one-on-one interviews via phone or in person
  • Researching competition
  • Analyzing government regulations