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Suppliers become your partner and offload you of non-core activities so you can concentrate on what really matters.

Are your suppliers up to the task of helping you grow your business? Have they invested in technology for the future? Do they bring you ideas for cost reductions or requests for price increases? Do you have any leverage over the supplier? Do they provide you the quality you need?

Choosing a vendor is as important as hiring your direct reports and Business Accelerants has worked with hundreds of suppliers across the globe. One successful approach to selection involves teams of people reviewing the suppliers, visiting their facilities and rating them against a range of criteria. The RADAR or spider diagram is a simple, visual representation that results from the process. Business Accelerants can help you assess your suppliers capabilities and develop a plan to improve them or replace them.


  • Less time arguing over who is at fault
  • Suppliers bring you ideas
  • Reduced costs

The RADAR or Spider Diagram is an excellent tool to help teams assess suppliers’ capabilities, reach consensus and visually present results.

Choose the right suppliers using these services:
  • Site visits of suppliers to assess capabilities
  • Competitive assessment
  • Supplier development
  • Project management
  • Supplier selection workshops