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Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Your company is at the core. You deliver a product or service to your customers, but you cannot do it alone. You have suppliers and a sales channel. Existing competitors are making moves and others threaten to get in the business. Your customers may choose something completely different. Government regulations constrain you in many ways and, above it all, technology is changing everything.

You need solid, long term plans to guide you—Strategic Plans.


  • Understand where your business is headed
  • Stay on plan
  • Everyone aligned and working together

Business Accelerants has expanded Michael Porter’s Five Forces analysis to include the impact of technology and government regulations on your business

Let Business Accelerants help you with your strategy by:
  • Reviewing and participating in strategic plans
  • Assessing product development plans and risks
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Business plan creation for new products
  • Team building