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Don’t Let Your Business Fail from Poor Planning or Poor Execution

Businesses large and small fail. The cost in human capital is immense. Invariably it is due either to poor strategy or poor execution. Significant improvements can be made by taking an outside-in and top-down/bottom-up approach to strategy/planning. First, look outside your company to the many influences that affect your ability to turn inputs into the valuable outputs that your customers desire. Then look inside to your people, products and processes. Begin at the top with strategy that informs others in the organization of the priorities, while simultaneously working the business plan bottom-up until the two can be aligned. Large corporations, mid-sized companies, small companies, even micro-enterprises and startups can scale the process and can learn from those further along the growth cycle. Align the 7 Forces stopping you!


  • Accelerate product success
  • Accelerate product sales
  • Increase profits
  • Increase business valuation
Business Accelerants will help you with your Value Improvement Proposition to your customers by...
  • Analyzing 7 forces affecting your business
  • Reviewing your long-term mission
  • Clarifying the 3 year vision for your company
  • Establishing long-term strategies
  • Creating measurable 3 year objectives
  • Defining short-term action plans