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More Money from Business—More Time for Life

There are many tools to help companies determine how to increase revenue and reduce costs. But, which ones are right for your company? Which ones for the situation you are in now? Business Accelerants has experience in a broad range of tools and situations. First, we listen to you and what you see and feel today. Then, we can suggest the right tools to go forward.

Business Accelerants Business Accelerants™ Specialities:

Accelerate Product Success

…improve engineering teamwork, rapidly assess your product portfolio and eliminate products based on dead-end technologies.

Accelerate Product Sales

…by understanding customer needs and bringing the right technologies to the right markets faster.

Increase Profits

…through decreased costs in manufacturing and warranty, while increasing product value and customer satisfaction.

Increase Business Valuation

…by creating and exploiting multi-use, high-value intellectual property
One Page Business Plan

Business Accelerants Services

  • One Page Business Plan®
  • Board Participation
  • Technology Advisory Services
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Business Plan Simulation
  • Voice of the Customer Analysis
  • Speaking Engagements