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Help! We’re Being Attacked by 7 Forces

Some days, it can seem that your industry and your individual business is under attack from all sides. The government keeps changing the rules. Suppliers start making demands rather than trying to serve. Customers are complaining and going to competitors. Your own people are disgruntled. The weather is unexpectedly rainy and you are in the exterior painting business, causing business to slow and get backed up. Technology promises to make things easier, but you spend hours just trying to get an update installed and everything working again. Your products are failing in the field and your processes are not catching things before shipment.

The seven forces can gang up on you and, potentially, overwhelm you. Anytime something seems too big or complicated, break it down. Take a single step, then another, and another. Piece by piece you’ll get things aligned in your favor. Rather than the 7 forces attacking you, the 7 forces will propel you and your business, accelerating you toward higher sales, greater profits. Eventually, you’ll be able to reach the After-Business-Life™.

  1. Sales and Marketing Channels—Talk to a few customers each day
  2. Supply Chain and Outsourcing—Regularly re-evaluate what you outsource and to whom
  3. Competition—Identify key competitors and track them
  4. Risk of Disruption—Make a list of what has gone wrong and a plan to address each one
  5. Market Constraints and Government—Join a trade association that advocates for your industry
  6. Technology—Be aware and use selectively
  7. Internal Forces of People, Product, and Processes—Shake hands with your people. Use your products. Document processes.

It’s the start of the football season, so get out there and start doing some blocking and tackling. Simple steps will lead you to walking in the right direction, then running and crossing the goal line.