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Don’t Use Your WITS! — What?

Why would anyone NOT want to work smarter by using the smarts in their brain?  I certainly do everything possible to continuously improve everything I touch.  I tell people I am inherently lazy; therefore, I want to find ways to work smarter, not harder.  In this respect, I want to do Whatever It Takes to Succeed.  Whoa–is that ethical?

There are many ways that companies and individuals can get themselves in trouble in business.  The IRS may find that you have been incorrectly deducting expenses.  A partner may find that you are taking liberties with the authorizations you’ve been given.  The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) may find you in violation of any of a number of things.  Your own audit committee or outside auditors may take you to task.  The government may find that you have been colluding with others in the industry, as has recently been discussed for truck manufacturers in Europe.  Ethical conduct requires the management team to set the course and the example.  Then they must hold everyone to that standard, without exception.  Let there be a small leak in the dike, and the whole dam [sic] thing could come crashing down.