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Work-Life Teeter-Totter

The term “work-life balance” conjures up an image of everything in perfect balance with neither work nor life being heavier than it should be. To achieve anything near to “balance” there must be constant, continuous change through adjustments in the weight and position of work and life. It’s more like a teeter-totter where there is always some movement going on. Nothing is more important to many than to get the work-life balance right when it comes to the last one-quarter of life, the After-Business-Life™.

Achieving any semblance of balance at a single point in time, or over a period of time, requires the help of a number of different specialists. In both your professional and personal life, you need someone to help you with risks that can be mitigated with insurance. These items cover your home or apartment for theft, fire, earthquake. They also deal with your mode of transportation with collision and liability. Life insurance is both something to mitigate risk for the rest of the family, and to form a type of investment for the future. You need the help of a lawyer for preparing a will and last testament and medical powers of attorney. Some states allow the will to deal with your digital world after you are gone, allowing such things as Facebook to be taken down. You are likely to also have a financial planner help you with your investments and someone to help with filing your taxes. These support people underpin your life from early on to the very end of life.

During your working career, you will look to get help from a variety of sources of training and consultation. Maybe you’ll be sent to a special training for your functional area, especially as regulations change. Or, you might be sent to some form of leadership training. Most trade association meetings have a keynote speech by someone that will provide information for your business or motivate you, or just make you laugh and feel good for a short period of time. Many will look to find an individual or group that can provide advice on the business. It could be your formal board of directors, or your informal kitchen cabinet as President Andrew Jackson had, or “special advisors” as the current president has, or an outside person or group that serves as a business coach or executive coach or problem solver.

When it comes time to sell the business, much like when selling your home, you’ll probably look to having someone with mergers and acquisitions experience help you to prepare the business for sale and help to broker the final deal, whether an asset sale, a stock transition, or something involving real estate that takes a more capable financial support person, often governed by FINRA. Once you get through this transition, there are lots of organizations waiting to court you for the After-Business-Life™. There will be travel groups, churches, non-profits, and many other organizations that will want you to support them in their mission. Do it right and you get to choose, from a broad spectrum of possibilities, how you will spend the last, roughly, quarter of your life.

Business Accelerants™ by Tech-I-M has chosen to spend their last quarter of life helping you with that large one-half of your life devoted to building and running a business. (The first quarter of life, 20-25 years, was spent in schooling and getting ready to work). Done well, you can accelerate the transition so that the last one-third of your life can be spent in the After-Business-Life™. That represents over a 30% increase in the amount of valuable time enjoying life to its fullest. Get there faster with more and be happier longer!