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What’s Your Plan?

It’s a great time of year for sports fans. Football season, both college and national, are in full swing. Golf completed the 2017 season and has already started the 2018 season. Baseball is in the playoffs approaching the World Series. Soccer draws groups to pubs around the world. Basketball has already started its long season ending next May. Hockey has started, even though it’s not yet cold enough to form ice outside. Preparations are under way for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Nirvana for the sports fans.

Every one of those sports has a season long strategy. Baseball never has a pitcher pitch two days in a row. Some football teams specialize in the running game, while others prefer a passing game. In basketball it’s often a man-to-man defense versus a zone defense. Hockey teams plan in advance what they will do when they get a power play. Each golf player has is own way of approaching a season, knowing when to take a week or two off and when to keep pressing.
Every sport has its own training regimen to keep the players fit both physically and mentally. For some it is weight lifting to improve strength. For others, its mental conditioning to give them the winning spirit. For yet others, it’s agility training to make sure they can move quickly, anticipate, and change directions. It includes warm-up exercises to get the body ready to compete. Golfers close their eyes and imagine the shot they want to make. Many sports are as much mental as physical when competing at the highest levels.

Finally, on game day, each team in each sport has a specific game plan for that day, under the circumstances of the team members, the weather, the particular opponent. It might be to emphasize defense in football because the other team is so strong on the offense and you can’t let them get too far ahead in points. In basketball it may be outside shots versus driving to the basket for that game due to the strengths/weaknesses of the opponent. In hockey it can be making shots or keeping the opponents against the boards by checking them mercilessly. Whatever the sport, whatever the day, whatever the particular circumstances, the coach has a plan that the players are expected to buy into and implement with unwavering commitment.

So, it’s Saturday morning and sports are already all over the television, internet, and local stadiums. Have fun. Relax. Shout a little in anger at the player that blows it. Shout with joy when your team scores or intercepts. Make it a great day, today.

But, what about Monday morning? What’s your plan? Do you put as much effort into a year long strategy for your company? Maybe even make it a 3-5 year strategic plan? Do you have an business plan that everyone buys into? One where manufacturing knows what they need to do? One where sales knows its plan? One where R&D works on the right things and gets them done at the right time? Do you have an operating plan that details what each person or group is going to need to do each quarter? How about a profit plan the details where the spending will be and how the often elusive profits will be generated? What’s your training regimen to get people ready for the next year, next quarter, or just the next day?

It’s the 4th quarter of the year. What are you doing to finish this year strong and prepare for the next season? What’s your plan?