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Inspire Think Do

Each of us has a valuable perspective that we can bring to the business. Some think, some inspire, and some do. We cannot do it alone. Even a religious leader like Jesus needed twelve others that could go out and do the work of contacting prospects, helping them think through the needs they have, and inspiring them to take action to join the group.

There are many ways to examine the people in your company, not to pigeon hole them, but to gain insight into how to work with them to improve your results. Are your people thinkers, doers, or inspirers? Consider sales people. The doer achieves results regardless of anything else. She works consistently and persistently. He’s a workhorse that gets things done. Nothing stops him and he never loses his internal motivation. The thinker is always pushing for a better way to get things done; he always wants a new tool for tracking the client’s engagement and progress through the sales funnel. She always has a new idea for a better way to market the existing products and services, or wants to talk with the development people about the new product idea she has. The inspirer that talks is the one most of us may think of. He is the life of the party, drawing people to him as he enters a room. He has something positive to say about everyone. The best in this class also have two ears to listen to his client and can empathize with them. She can sell anything. The challenge is closing on the business and doing the documentation needed for others. Procedures are not their forte.

The same descriptions can be used for the finance department, manufacturing operations, information technology, and product development. For instance, if you are involved in a non-profit, possibly on its board, you will easily be able to identify the workers, the doers. They are likely the quiet ones in a meeting. The thinkers will likely sit back and listen for a while then ask challenging questions about the purpose and if the plans are consistent with the mission. Those that inspire will likely be leading the meeting or pressing for a worthy, challenging goal for the organization and thanking all those that have contributed. I’ll be you can see it in your own family dynamics in the home.

Don’t use this to put a label on people and put them into a box. Use it to help understand how to engage people for the betterment of the enterprise. Each of us will demonstrate all three circles every day. Use it to learn to balance your own actions. Spend some time thinking through things. Inspire yourself by looking back on the day to find a few things that made you feel good, make sure to do the right things that will advance your business and your life. THINK about what INSPIRES you and DO more of it.