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Technology Jobs — Steve Jobs that is!!!

I just came across this recording of Steve Jobs talking in Aspen, Colorado to the famous International Design Conference — in 1983!  He talks about the success of electric motors as they moved from collosal giants, to shared motors to tiny, fractional horsepower motors.  He talks about computers becoming more numerous than cars.  He discusses how radio and television took time to understand their own potential for informing people rather than duplicating the way things were done previously.  He describes an MIT effort in 1982 to create what is now Google Streets–his comment that it was not particularly useful made me laugh.  And he talks about interactive learning such as SimCity does–but then it was the King Hammurabi game played by 7 year olds.  He talks about walking around with a computer and asking it to retrieve information such as e-mail.  And, he talks about aesthetic, artistic design that is needed to make them look good.

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