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Move It!

Trucking is all about moving freight from point A to point B.  But, that’s not really the whole story.  The job is not done until the paperwork is finished.  There are bills of lading, hours of service reports, vehicle inspection reports, receipts, fuel and mileage tax documents, permits and more specialized items that need to be completed and returned to the fleet headquarters.  At one time, all these documents had to wait weeks to get there, as they were carried physically by the driver in the truck.  Then, specialized courier services started that allowed all this paperwork to be dropped off at a truck stop, picked up daily and routed quickly to the home office.  More and more often, this paperwork is becoming electronic documents that get instantly transmitted wirelessly.  If, for some reason, the information is still in paper form, there are document capture services that can provide a document scanner in the truck.  In other cases, the driver’s physical mail at home needs to be viewed by the driver while on the road.  At the ATA Management Meeting and Exhibition there were companies offering this as a service as well.  So, trucking is all about moving — freight, raw data and information from one place to another.  It’s not trucking being impacted by telematics, it’s more like tele-trucking.