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Lead to Repeat

Single point solutions to problems can create their own headaches.  Work hard on increasing sales, and manufacturing may not keep up or may produce terrible quality.  Improve the information being given to your finance people and you may find your workers spending all their time producing information instead of parts that can be sold to bring in money that the finance people really need to be counting.

Lead to Repeat–the process from finding prospects to delighting customers so much that they return for more.  This is the holistic process you want to optimize.  It’s a bit different than looking at the raw materials coming into your plant and the finished products going out.  Try making a process map of Lead to Repeat focusing on the needs of the customer today and tomorrow.  How is that message carried through the entire process?  At a place like Domino’s Pizza, the focus of lead to repeat is, “I want a pizza!”– like NOW.  Few would label the pizza as gourmet.  That’s not their focus.  They get repeat business because they promise a pizza fast and deliver on that promise.  (Oh, it’s no longer Domino’s Pizza, since they do more than pizza.  It’s just Domino’s now.  I hope the change in focus is not like a bunch of dominoes falling over as they become a Pizza Hut or something.)

Think of your company as a conveyor line moving along.  Focus on the main things that are on the conveyor and make everything else support it.  That means that IT, Finance, Legal, HR, Engineering and all the other functional organizations need to support that conveyor.  That conveyor is not just raw material coming in and product going out.  Raw material coming in needs to support the conveyor.  If you process map this right, the conveyor can be turned into a circle of lead to repeat that builds your business to the best it can be.

Technology is everywhere in the process.  The right technology, at the right place, at the right time will enable this continuous lead to repeat process.  Savvy Technology –> Powerful Results.