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Kick Starting Your Company

As a former intrapreneur in the corporate world, I now enjoy working with entrepreneurs across the country.  One of those is a SCORE client that is working hard to bootstrap their company using Kickstarter for funding their first production run.  I like Kickstarter because it helps determine if there really is a market for your product and helps to set the price people are willing to pay.  There is nothing better than getting an order and money in hand — before you have to deliver a product.  LumaGlo was assigned to me over six months ago to help with patents, trademarks and starting a technology based business. LumaGlo’s Freedom Lights have several improvements over existing LED strip lighting.  Check out the LumaGlo Kickstarter Campaign.  Having been in the trucking world for more than two decades, I am sure that these will find a place in numerous cabs of owner/operators, on their grills, and where ever chicken lights are used today.

LumaGlow Freedom Lights