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Hear — See — Do!!! A great way to make sure Technology Is Manageable™

It is rare for me to be impressed by our government.  Recently I went through an interview and training for the Trusted Traveler Program and the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES).  This should let me keep my shoes and belt on more often and get through customs more quickly when traveling internationally.  I was impressed with their approach.  First, the official talked me through the process, occasionally referring to a brochure.  Next, he had me watch a video of the process of using the equipment, along with several other people being trained.  Finally, he had me step up to a training terminal and do the process myself.  First I heard it; then I saw it; then I did it.  Hear — See –Do!!!  What a great way to deal with the different ways that people learn, to create repetition to help solidify a concept and help retention that dwindles after something is taught but not used for days or weeks.  Hear — See — Do should be part of any program for users, service technicians or others when dealing with new systems so that Technology Is Manageable™.