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Business Accelerants enVISIONing Process™

Whether you are a startup or a 125 year old company, you need to look at your entire business, develop a plan, execute well and measure progress. You need to understand your target market and customers, your unique selling proposition and special sauce, your competitive advantage that is sustainable and scaleable. All along the way, you must control costs, maintain high levels of quality in every aspect of the business and motivate your people to deliver. The Business Accelerants enVISIONING Process™ is a proven approach to helping companies succeed.


Quality Oriented Executive

Paul is a well versed Quality oriented Executive. His eye is constantly on the needs of the customer — form, fit, finish, and innovation. Paul utilizes collaboration as one of his tools for effective Leadership and performance.

Don Chapman, Director of Supply Management for Daimler / Mercedes Benz North America, April 2012

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