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As the founder and CEO of Tech-I-M, Paul Menig drives companies to achieve faster, profitable growth. He helps company leaders get more money from their business and time for their lives. Using an holistic approach to strategy, Tech-I-M aligns 7 forces to propel your business forward. Technology is a force for change in all aspects of business, internally and externally. Tech-I-M leverages technology in your products, services, and processes to dramatically improve functionality, quality, and cost. Savvy technology creates powerful results. We provide strategic management for long-term growth, helping you to create a 3-5 year plan. Tech-I-M works along side you each month, providing business consulting for short-term results.

Prior to starting Tech-I-M, Paul led the Mechatronics Group at Daimler Trucks North America through 18 years of technology advancement and helped take the Freightliner brand of trucks to a commanding market share. Always approaching development from a holistic business sense, and with the total system in mind, his teams introduced numerous products, including automated mechanical transmissions, electronic braking, radar collision warning, electronic engine controls, telematics, driver instrumentation, vehicle power management, multiplexed electronic controls and diesel-electric hybrids. In addition, those team learned to continuously improve engineering processes, decrease product and assembly costs, and improve the reliability of systems in the field. His experience includes 15 years with Eaton developing new products and growing business for industrial automation, military systems and trucking. Paul’s career started at General Electric in military products and medical systems after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Community Involvement

Score Giving back is an important priority.  Paul’s goals include working with small to medium businesses as a mentor for SCORE.  SCORE grows successful small businesses across America, one business at a time. SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. Work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).  Check out the SCORE link for more information.

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Innovations are Direct Result of Efforts

Paul is an expert on electronics as it relates to the class 8 truck industry. He understands how various systems interact with each other. Paul has always been a forward thinker in this field and many of today’s innovations found in class 8 trucks are a direct resuilt of Paul’s efforts.

Bill Januszewski, Calgary Branch Manager at Advance Engineered Products Group, April 2012

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