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Focus vs. Chaos

Increase the value of your company by choosing to put your energy into focus rather than letting entropy drive you toward chaos. Should you sell more stuff to parents or be the best nanny service to two-earner, high net worth couples in Manhattan?

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The Eyes Have It! Seeing Is Believing.

Seeing must be the most significant sense we have. Machines are doing everything they can to see us. Are you using machine vision to maximum benefit in your business? Let me tell you how I see it and see if you get what I mean.

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Where Are You Going 2?

Value is subjective, but gets turned into hard dollars when investors put their money in. Whether it’s an Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity, or an everyday person investing in stocks/bonds/mutual funds, there is a value put on the current and future prospects of a company. How do you assign value? Industry growth? Company Sales? Company Profits? It all depends, doesn’t it? Let’s look more closely.

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The African Continent Sees the Light

Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India, China, and Vietnam have all taken their turns as the low-cost labor, greatest new market for the growth of companies. What’s the next big place for growth? I’d say it’s . . .

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Gamification for Your SMB

Do you spend as much time preparing your business for the next year as you do strategizing how to win a game? Watch someone play Bridge or Poker and you’ll see how well they’ve prepared. We even watch Poker players on TV now. Some find that exciting. Make your business more fun with gamification.

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