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Top 12 Truck Electronics Issues — A Year’s Worth of Subjects

I sat down last week and made a quick list of top issues, as I see it, for trucking, where electronics are involved. I will try to explore each of these topics, one per month. If you have comments on any of them or a preference for which items should be dealt with first, please […]

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Electrical Gremlins

I am old enough to remember that a Gremlin is a small car made by American Motors before it was acquired by Chrysler. That’s how they got the famous Jeep brand. Yesterday, in the Wall Street Journal, “Revitalized Detroit Makes Bold Bets on New Models” by Jeff Bennett and Neal E. Boudette, I read about […]

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Just before the new year, FMCSA issued their revised (again) regulations for Hours of Service. Just enough changes, or not enough, to make everyone still uncomfortable with the regulations. Hours of Service recorders are now delayed until the middle of 2013 as I understand it. But, someone mentioned legislation in Congress that could override that […]

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Here to Serve

Technology is meant to serve the needs and desires of people–not rule them. I spent some time Thursday morning watching our recycling get picked up. Surprisingly, it was a Sterling low cab forward, right hand drive. It was obvious that the cab had a monitor for watching the camera mounted in the bin to be […]

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