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The Eyes Have It! Seeing Is Believing.

Seeing must be the most significant sense we have. Machines are doing everything they can to see us. Are you using machine vision to maximum benefit in your business? Let me tell you how I see it and see if you get what I mean.

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Strategic Management & Business Consulting

Create and manage 3-5 year strategy for long-term growth & business consulting for short-term results.

Will Deliver a Production Capable Solution

I have worked both for Paul and with Paul over the past 23 years. Paul is a very capable manager and really understands the Trucking Industry – probably better than most engineering leaders.

I would trust Paul with any difficult engineering problem and know that he will deliver a production capable solution. His years of experience are sure to prove extremely valuable to any who might hire him in the future.

William Batten, Director Global Business Development and Marketing for Faurecia, April 2012

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