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Gamification for Your SMB

Do you spend as much time preparing your business for the next year as you do strategizing how to win a game? Watch someone play Bridge or Poker and you’ll see how well they’ve prepared. We even watch Poker players on TV now. Some find that exciting. Make your business more fun with gamification.

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Strategic Management & Business Consulting

Create and manage 3-5 year strategy for long-term growth & business consulting for short-term results.

Pragmatic and Real World

I have worked with Paul Menig for three years on a National Academy of Sciences Committee and most recently Paul led a team at the North American Council for Freight Efficiency on HD tractor electronic transmissions. He is a talented engineer with experience in many aspects and products and systems of commercial trucking. Paul is excited about what new technologies can do to help truckers and all of us for that matter simplify and improve our work, while recognizing the challenges with each. He is a technical leader who is pragmatic and real world in all he does. I enjoy working with Paul and expect great ideas from him every time we talk.

Mike Roeth, Lead Trucking Efficiency for North American Council for Freight Efficiency and the Carbon War Room

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