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Skip This Ad In 5 Sec

I find myself anxiously waiting for the popup ads on a website to allow me to skip to the information I really want. Five seconds seems like an eternity to me at that point. I also am willing to pay for commercial free versions of apps for my iPhone. I don’t want to be trying to concentrate on a 30 point word in just the right place in Words with Friends and be distracted by some flashing image for a product I’ve already purchased and no longer need. I also am willing to pay for

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Strategic Management & Business Consulting

Create and manage 3-5 year strategy for long-term growth & business consulting for short-term results.

Real Passion for Understanding and Improving Businesses

I worked with Paul on the board of directors for a high growth green-technology and finance company. Paul was able to immediately jump into a complex business model, identify the core issues, take responsibility for the technology portion of the business and start driving it. His technology understanding is deep and we were delighted to rely on him. He has a real passion for understanding and improving businesses. I recommend him without reservation as a go-to guy.

Joshua Proudfoot, Principal and Owner, Good Company

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