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Is Your Business Product or Service Driven?

What drives your business? Is it driven to produce products like Rolex timepieces? Or is it driven to provide services like State Farm insurance? Knowing what drives you will help you focus your efforts, prioritizing your time and investments and more.

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Strategic Management & Business Consulting

Create and manage 3-5 year strategy for long-term growth & business consulting for short-term results.

Recommend Mr. Menig as a Speaker

Mentor Graphics invited Mr. Paul Menig to make a keynote presentation at Mentor Graphics’ U2U Automotive User conference in Detroit to about 300 of our users. Mr. Menig’s presentation was thought-provoking, informative, and very well received by the audience. His use of multimedia within his presentation was extremely effective in communicating his ideas with the audience. I would like to recommend Mr. Menig’s as a speaker due to his ample experience and insight in Commercial Truck, Mechatronics, and trends in the Transportation Industry.

Jen Chausse, Marketing Manager at Mentor Graphics

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The value of a business is hidden from government & buyer to reduce taxes—reframe the picture to better see where the hidden potential lies.
Wednesday Apr 26 - 2:29pm

Teams are more places than you think—Two people make a team—doubles in tennis, volley ball, golf, ice skating, crew. A marriage is another.
Tuesday Apr 25 - 2:55pm

It used to be good customers tell 3 others while bad customers tell 10-15. Social media & the internet have dramatically changed the impact.
Monday Apr 24 - 8:27pm

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