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What Does or Will Disrupt Your Business?

One of the principles of statistics is to throw out the unexpected high and low data, to concentrate on the core, repeatable inputs. We are looking for trends, not outliers. Every day, though, I see businesses unable to keep a steady beat to their operation due to some outlier that disrupts them. . . . There’s one more thing to disruption, though. For the small start-up, it’s the key to success. For the established industry participants, it’s a risk for failure and loss of customers and revenue.

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Strategic Management & Business Consulting

Create and manage 3-5 year strategy for long-term growth & business consulting for short-term results.

Delivers above expectations!

Paul is a unique type of leader who has the attention to details without loosing sight of the strategic goals and morale of his group. He was managing a complex area and was always able to deliver above the expectations.  I worked with Paul as his Finance Controller and he was always open and objective in budget discussions which helped us to focus on the true business needs. Highly recommend him for any project engagement.

Vijay Gopalswamy, Manager - International Service, Training & Sales Support at Daimler Trucks North America

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